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Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Masters has over two decades of experience in the concrete repair industry, making us the go-to choice for home and business owners that are dealing with fracture problems in the DFW Metroplex. We serve all clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas, and can reliably handle jobs of all shapes and sizes.

It’s great to hear that Irving Concrete Experts has over two decades of experience in the concrete repair industry, particularly in addressing concrete cracking problems in the DFW Metroplex. Having such a wealth of experience can certainly be a valuable asset for both home and business owners who are dealing with these types of issues.

Irving / Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX

Serving clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas is a testament to your commitment to helping a wide range of customers with their concrete repair needs. Being able to handle jobs of all shapes and sizes is also important, as it shows flexibility and expertise in your field.

For potential clients in your area, it’s crucial to emphasize your experience, reliability, and the quality of your work when addressing foundation problems. You may also want to mention any specific services or techniques that set Irving Concrete Experts apart from the competition, as well as any certifications or guarantees you offer. Providing testimonials or before-and-after photos of your previous work can also help build trust and showcase your expertise.

Overall, it sounds like Irving Concrete Experts is a reputable choice for those in need of concrete repair services in the DFW Metroplex.

When you choose our services, you can expect dedicated, high-quality craftsmanship that not only enhances the appearance of your property but also ensures its safety. Discover more about our distinctive skill set and how we can cater to your needs below.


We take pride in… Our Strong Foundation of Services We are the trusted experts for homeowners and businesses seeking concrete solutions that enhance properties and bring back peace of mind.

Concrete Repair Signs

Noticing and addressing early signs of concrete damage or deterioration is crucial in preventing the need for more extensive repairs in the future. Therefore, be vigilant for these initial indicators, and reach out to Integrity Paving & Coatings when you spot them.


The presence of cracks in concrete is frequently a result of soil expansion and contraction, potentially signaling underlying problems.


Holes in concrete not only pose safety risks to both people and vehicles but also tend to deteriorate further over time.


Although small pits in your driveway may seem insignificant initially, persistent erosion can eventually result in significant deterioration. Professionals specializing in concrete driveway repair can address the issue before it escalates


High traffic and heavy loads can lead to splintering in a concrete floor. Industrial concrete repair services can resurface your floor, restoring it to a like-new appearance.


Uneven concrete surfaces are indicative of uneven settling, potentially necessitating remedies such as slab-jacking

Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX
Yes, most reputable concrete repair companies offer warranties on their workmanship and materials used. Be sure to ask about specific warranty terms.
Irving / Las Colinas Concrete Repair & Renew


Cracks are among the most common forms of concrete fracture and can occur due to a multitude of factors including shrinkage, temperature fluctuations, structural overloading, or subgrade settlement. Cracks may vary in size and orientation, ranging from hairline fractures to more extensive fissures. Depending on the severity and cause of the cracks, repair methods may include filling with epoxy or polymer-based sealants, routing and sealing larger cracks, or structural reinforcement techniques to prevent further propagation and ensure long-term stability. Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for identifying and addressing cracks promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Holes in the Concrete

Holes in concrete surfaces can occur due to various factors such as poor installation, corrosion of embedded metals, or physical damage. These voids weaken the structural integrity of the concrete and pose safety hazards. Holes may develop gradually over time, allowing moisture and other contaminants to penetrate, exacerbating the issue. Repairing holes typically involves cleaning the area, filling the void with a suitable concrete patching material, and ensuring proper curing to restore the surface’s strength and functionality.


Pitting is characterized by small, localized depressions or cavities on the concrete surface, often caused by chemical exposure, freeze-thaw cycles, or abrasion. These pits not only compromise the aesthetics of the concrete but also increase its susceptibility to further deterioration. Addressing pitting involves removing any loose debris or contaminants from the affected area, repairing the surface with a suitable patching compound, and applying protective coatings to prevent future damage and enhance durability.


Splintering occurs when fragments or shards of concrete break off from the surface, resulting in rough edges and an uneven appearance. This type of fracture is commonly caused by impact from heavy objects, vehicular traffic, or freeze-thaw cycles. Splintering not only compromises the visual appeal of the concrete but also poses safety risks. Repairing splintered concrete involves removing any loose or damaged fragments, smoothing out the surface, and applying a suitable concrete repair compound to restore the integrity of the area.


Sloping or uneven surfaces are often the result of poor installation, settling of the underlying soil, or inadequate drainage. These inconsistencies can lead to water pooling, erosion, and potential trip hazards. Addressing sloping concrete requires careful assessment and may involve techniques such as leveling compounds, mud jacking, or resurfacing to restore a smooth and even surface. Proper grading and drainage measures are also essential to prevent future slope-related issues.

Outstanding customer service

Our objective is to gain your confidence, meet your requirements, and become your trusted concrete repair provider for referrals, and complete concrete service. Rooted in our core value of delivering outstanding customer service, our team is committed to:

  1. Promptly addressing your inquiries.
  2. Attending to your needs and providing recommendations.
  3. Ensuring the safety of your home and property.
  4. Accurately estimating repair or installation costs.
  5. Keeping you informed prior to our arrival and throughout each project.

Our unwavering dedication to consistently delivering top-quality service makes it easy for you to refer us to your neighbors and friends.

What steps should I take if my concrete develops cracks or sustains damage?

It’s important to reach out to a concrete contractor promptly upon noticing any concrete damage, even if it appears minor. Neglecting such damage could lead to its progression, eventually transforming a small issue into a major one which you may need a complete installation

Our Services

Our crew are specialized in various concrete works, such as:

Concrete maintenance
Concrete Patio
New Concrete
Concrete Repair

Exterior Firepits Installation, Crack and Repair
Garage Floors
Walkways Crack and Repair
Retaining Walls Crack and Repair
Concrete Steps Crack and Repair
Stairs Crack Repair
Concrete Pavers

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Concrete is known for its strength and durability, yet even concrete can develop flaws. If you’ve ever navigated a damaged parking lot, you understand the frustration and potential damage that can arise when concrete deteriorates. Instead of allowing the situation to deteriorate further, enlist the assistance of Irving Concrete Masters for your concrete repair needs.

No matter the size of the concrete repair project such as stamped concrete, Irving Concrete Masters is well-equipped to address it. Our expertise extends to repairing concrete parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, and even driveways. If you prefer to start anew, we also offer the option of complete concrete pavement replacement rather than mere repairs.

Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX

With years of experience under our belt, the repair teams at Irving Concrete Masters have honed the most efficient methods for repairing concrete pavements and concrete pavers. However, our swift work doesn’t compromise on quality. We assure you that the highest quality equipment and materials are employed in every single repair job we undertake.

Don’t delay any further in addressing your deteriorating and cracked concrete pavements

Why Choose Professional for concrete crack repair

Concrete surface repair is a task best left to professionals. A reputable concrete repair company employs specialized materials and methods, which include:

1. Power washing and acid etching
2. Addressing spalling issues
3. Treating damaged cracks
4. Applying a basecoat
5. Utilizing spray texture to achieve the desired concrete surface finish

While it’s true that concrete repair services come with a cost, attempting amateur repairs can have detrimental consequences. A poorly patched floor not only diminishes the curb appeal and property value but also poses safety hazards for pedestrians and vehicles.

What Do We Repair

Yes, most reputable concrete repair companies offer warranties on their workmanship and materials used. Be sure to ask about specific warranty terms.
Concrete Steps / Stairs

Seamlessly integrate repaired concrete with the surrounding surface. At Concrete Masters of Irving / Las Colinas Texas, we possess the expertise to mend damaged sections and subsequently resurface them, ensuring a harmonious blend with the existing area.

Irving / Las Colinas Concrete Masters - Irving Texas
Concrete Driveways

Should you desire a fresh aesthetic, we can provide you with an entirely new appearance, whether through stained concrete, stamped concrete, or any other style that piques your interest.

Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX
Pool Decks Repair

If your concrete exhibits cracks, you may also find our services particularly appealing.

Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX
Walkway Concrete Repair / Installation

We repair concrete patios, walkways, backyard concrete works, concrete steps concrete pavers and stairs

Is it possible for me to handle the repairs on my own?

We strongly advise collaborating with a seasoned concrete contractor for concrete repair tasks. For instance, here at Concrete Masters of Irving, we’ve been specializing in concrete repairs since 1990, accumulating extensive experience in addressing various types of damage. Beyond simply fixing the damage, we excel in identifying its root causes and assisting in devising preventive measures to avert future damage.

What Is The Price Of Concrete Repair?

The project’s cost is contingent upon the extent of damage and the specific restoration services required. To obtain a precise estimate tailored to your project, we recommend reaching out to us directly. We’ll gladly provide you with a complimentary estimate to help you gauge the expected cost

Reachout to us regarding your repair needs.

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Why Choose Us

With more than two decades of expertise in concrete patio repair, concrete paver repair, concrete driveway repair, stamped concrete, Irving Concrete Experts is here to assist you! Whether you have suspicions of issues, concerns, or simply questions regarding your home’s foundation, please don’t hesitate to contact us for reliable service. In every project, we consistently provide:

Honest Evaluation

Quality Craftsmanship

One Time Service

Trusted Crews

To begin with, we are intelligent, efficient, dependable, trustworthy, approachable, and exceptionally skilled in our field. We don’t merely address your immediate issue; we consistently delve deeper to identify and rectify any underlying concerns as well. This comprehensive approach ensures lasting solutions and delighted customers!


Irving/Las Colinas Concrete Masters of Texas boasts more than two decades of industry experience as concrete contractors for residential and commercial decorative concrete projects. As a family-owned company, we take pride in offering top-notch concrete floor repair services to every client. Our service area encompasses:

Irving/Las Colinas

Little Elm
North Dallas
The Colony


Common Customer Questions

What will be the price?

As Irving Concrete Masters hasn’t conducted a site visit, we cannot provide a cost projection at this time. However, we can offer two important points regarding the cost:

Our estimates are provided at no charge, so we can furnish you with a quote without any obligation

Will the repair be unobtrusive?

The primary focal point of the project will be the concrete being restored to its original position. Any minor holes created during the process will be concealed with a sealant, rendering them virtually indiscernible. Upon close examination, these sites may still be visible, but from a distance, the repair work will be unobtrusive. In cases where the sealant is used to fill cracks, there may be some color variation, which could be perceptible.

We possess the expertise to adopt a more proactive approach, which is precisely what we’ve initiated with our clientele. We’re actively engaged in assessing both commercial concrete and residential properties for owners and property managers, implementing tailored maintenance programs aimed at prolonging the lifespan of pavement.

Are you considering whether this service aligns with your business needs? Here’s what you should take into consideration.

How has the recent harsh winter impacted the pavement in proximity to businesses?

The severe winter weather has wrought considerable damage. The combination of residual moisture from the preceding summer, coupled with new moisture and fluctuating temperatures, has led to the upheaval and shifting of concrete alongside the ground. This has resulted in widespread cracking and ground displacement.”

What is the urgency for businesses to contact us when repairs are required?

Now that winter is behind us, you’ll begin to notice cracks and potholes that may have gone unnoticed before. The longer these defects are left unaddressed, the more severe they’ll become as water accumulates within them. Businesses are already reaching out to us with concerns. It’s crucial to prioritize repairing these cracks and potholes this year before the next winter sets in. Neglecting them will only lead to further deterioration over time.

Are you capable of taking a project to finish yourself?

Now that we’ve incorporated concrete repair as one of our services, we’re fully equipped to manage projects from start to finish with comprehensive expertise. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of the concrete structure, identifying any areas requiring repair or maintenance. Once we’ve evaluated the scope of work needed, our skilled team utilizes specialized techniques and high-quality materials to execute the repairs effectively. Whether it’s addressing cracks, spalling, or other forms of damage, we have the knowledge and resources to deliver lasting solutions. From preparation to execution and final inspection, we ensure that every step of the project is carried out with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a successfully completed concrete repair project.

What components would be included in a typical ongoing maintenance program tailored for business concrete surfaces, considering factors such as installation timeline, current condition, and preventive measures?

The structure of a typical ongoing maintenance program for a business largely depends on various factors, including when the concrete was initially installed and its current condition. Typically, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance checks to assess the state of the concrete. For instance, if the concrete was installed recently, say within the past few years, the focus might primarily be on preventive measures such as sealing joints to prevent water infiltration and applying protective coatings to maintain its appearance and durability. However, for older concrete installations, especially those subjected to heavy use or exposure to harsh environmental conditions, the maintenance program might involve more extensive repairs, such as filling cracks, repairing spalling, or even resurfacing the concrete to restore its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of addressing any issues promptly to prevent them from escalating and causing more significant damage down the line. By tailoring the maintenance program to suit the specific needs and condition of the concrete, businesses can ensure the long-term performance and longevity of their concrete surfaces.

How can businesses initiate a discussion about their pavement needs with your team?

Given the extent of damage we’re currently observing, prompt action is advisable. We welcome inquiries and are ready to promptly assess properties and discuss available repair and maintenance solutions. You can reach us by phone at 972-736-5711 or conveniently request a quote online by clicking here. Our objective is to streamline the process for business or property owners, sparing them the inconvenience of coordinating multiple repairs and services. Our dedicated team is committed to addressing all your requirements efficiently, thereby saving you valuable time, alleviating stress, and optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Concrete repair Masters | installation Irving / Las Colinas, Texas

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As you look around your property, let us know how we can enhance your home in Irving / Las Colinas Texas and surrounding cities. We’ll start with setting up a free estimate based on your needs for repair or new installation.

Irving / Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters - Irving / Las Colinas TX

Irving / Las Colinas Concrete Repair Masters – Irving, TX 

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